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How to Style Your Baby's Hair

As a first time mom of a girl, I have become fascinated lately with baby hairstyles. It seems everywhere I turn there is some new do that makes me just exclaim in that womanly (I want) voice, That is so cute!" 

The trick to styling your babys hair is to not distract from her own cuteness. Babies are naturally cute, so whatever hairstyle you pick, it must complement the already present cuteness. So here is a list on the in styles for the 21st century sure to get your baby some much desired extra attention from everyone on the street.
Girls: Pigtails
This is my favorite. Pigtails scream cuteness! My daughter can have her pigtails in and people will cross the street to comment. The trick is not how much hair they have, because my daughter does not have tons. But I part her hair down the middle, leaving the bangs out, then form two ponytails. For those wishing to grow the bangs out-you can pull them back as well. The pigtails are also located mostly on top of her head. The hair in the back is combed down and never even noticed. Add matching hair bows and she will be the talk of the store.

Girls: Ponytail on top
The list for girl baby hairstyles is endless, adding an extra dose of adorable with all the accessories. So say your girl has that extra long strand of hair that is growing down her face. All the while the rest of her hair is slowly trying to catch up. My suggestion: put her hair in a ponytail on top of her head. Add an adorable hair bow and poof-she is the latest talk. The look will bring out her beautiful eyes since you forgot what they looked like while they were covered in hair.

Girls: Traditional cut
If she refuses to keep the ponytail in, she will quickly become scary unicorn head. You know the look. The one where the hair got used to being up, but now there is nothing to hold it in place so her hair looks as if it is poking straight out from her forehead. It is ok to have a first haircut and just get bangs cut. The baby will transform right before your eyes and look like that little girl that you know she is becoming (too quickly, I might add).

Girls: Clipped to one side
There is nothing more sophisticated then having a babys hair pulled to one side and clipped. It allows others to see their beautiful eyes and face once again. It also gives them a more mature look. This look is achieved just as it sounds. You take the hair that is too long or close to her eyes and pull it to one side. Then place the barrette, hair bow or clip.

Girls: No hair
Tired of them mistaking your precious baby for a boy? The great thing about girls is the accessories. You can use toothpaste to hold a bow on her head. Also, as my husband affectionately calls them, brain squeezers are hot items. You can get baby headbands of various sizes and looks to bring out your babys best features.

So no matter what look you are trying, the key is to do a look that the baby is comfortable with. If they dont mind a lot of fuss, enjoy the time you have. Before long, they will not even want your opinion, much less let you near their hair. So get creative and bring out their natural cuteness!
Author: Laura Trahan

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